Sunday, 31 August 2014

Poem: Self Portrait

 by my actions
and birds
that sing on snow covered
I return home thinking...
He visited me again last night
walked through my mind
and pressed
telling me
'drink more'
And I can't help sinking
as lovely legs
transfix him
but I don't taste
just end up
with that

Song: Cooligans

Wet feet, wet skin in the apartment
torment, half bent on the carpet
long hair, longing for corruption
face down, falling with seduction
and I don't want to be
your man.
Opal opens with the night-hum
stick thin, sticking until we both cum
chain smoke, sculpture none the wiser
breakdown whispers on the horizon
and I don't want to be
your man.

and I know you'll
you'll never cool down


Poem: Mud

I can account for all the fuck-ups and fights, like wet bread on a menu that turned out to be regurgitating starch, 'dontcha hate it baby when things go bad...' You were working so hard, meditating, firming up those thighs that tied your anerexic pussy to your lies and on that hill where we often stood we drew a line in that forgiving mud.

Poem: Hipsters

Can't sleep and
dawn grows gently
warm milk
little flames
all dancing and blue, little hipsters,
milk swells like a womens breast
and coffee perculates
in the silence of the city
in the north
a motorbike
all quite, at dawn

Poem: Slur

You were cold
so you put on your fur
before leaving for the bar
and for unknown reason
I opened your purse
fingered keys
wondering if I would have to say
draped in perfume
on your return
I slided over
'nice tits'
bunching your lips
you stood
leaving me the sight
of your hips
walk through the door

Friday, 4 July 2014

Song: In Citrus

Out there in the citrus, out there in the firs, lost selves in occasions, tape cells to the floor. Out there in the distance, out there in the hair, burn a babe in citrus she's acid wash and bare. Animal babe is coming, animal babe is coming, animal babe is here.


Song: Take Off With You

We were beautifully skint, we washed our clothes in the sink, we used to eat tinned fruit, debate the drugs that we shoot. And all the things that we do, and all the things that we do, I wanna take off with you, I wanna take off with you.

We would fade out of sight, disappear with the night, and your words don’t wash, despite you shampoo gloss. And all the things that we do, and all the things that we do, I wanna take off with you, I wanna take off with you.